The Fourth International Conference on Local Government
Surabaya, Indonesia 
September 18-20, 2013

Welcome to The International Conference on Local Government 2013!

          As a leading institution in enhancing the capacity of local governments and development administration through its academic and training program in Thailand, Khon Kaen University College of Local Administration (COLA) initiated the first International Conference on Local Government (ICLG) in Khon Kaen, Thailand in November 2010. In 2011, the second ICLG was organized by the University of the Free State in Durban, South Africa in October and back to Khon Kaen again in November of 2012 hosted by COLA. All events assembled leading scholars, researchers as well as practitioners from around the world to share and expand current knowledge and experiences on administrative innovations and research findings in public administration and policy, effective local government and good governance.

         One of the main issues of particular interest was how to achieve effective decentralized management. It was noted that the formula for effective decentralized management includes delegating sovereign powers to the people at the local level. Skillful administrators of local government need to communicate effectively with the people whom they serve. With this concept and common goal at hand, we now need to move further from the initiative and proceed with implementation. We need to expand our considerations to other concepts as well. With the emergence of the Green Economy and more recently the Blue Economy, this indicates that the environmental issues are becoming more and more pertinent. We will place an emphasis on making the local government more responsive to these needs.

         Accordingly, it is important that we sustain the annual tradition of the ICLG in facilitating the exchange of administrative innovations and research findings on how to effectively manage local governments around the globe. Therefore, during the closing plenary session of the ICLG 2012, a strong consensus was reached that the next conference should be held in Indonesia. For this reason, COLA explored the possibility of organizing the conference in Indonesia by collaborating with Universitas 17 Agustus 1945 Surabaya (UNTAG) and the Damandiri Foundation. After discussion, the concerned Indonesian officials headed by Prof. Dr. drg. Hj. IA Brahmasari, Dipl.DHE. MPA of UNTAG and Prof. Dr. Haryono Suyono of Damandari Foundation graciously agreed to host the ICLG 2013 which will be held in Surabaya on 18-20 September 2013.

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